Concept :

CCOSTAT generates parametric models which can be tailored for individual organisations..

A history of the user’s past achievements is analysed using advanced multi-variable statistical methods. The most suitable formula for different situations on a case by case basis can then be created. Statistical indicators permitting the evaluation of the suitability of the customized formula are then provided for provisional use. The formula can then be used for new projects. Minimum and maximum statistical values are provided for each new estimate in order to take account of the quality of original user input data..

CCOSTAT handles both the main parameters (e.g. a mass, a number of parts … quantifiable items) as well as other non-quantifiable parameters which need specification (e.g. type of organization, quality level, supplier, software language, geographical location, etc.)..

In addition, CCOSTAT identifies inconsistences within the data of past achievements, thus avoiding skew in any formulas developed from that data..

CCOSTAT provides add-on modules to normalise cost data (2 learning curve generators for mechanics and electronics, entering batch sizes and production stages, calculating the effects of changes in production rate, and allowing for preventive maintenance …).

Finally, CCOSTAT provides for the summation of estimated production costs in order to bring the accompanying systems up-to-date.

Step 1: Data collection

Step 2: Model Generation

Step 3 : Estimation of a new project

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